Re: Weekly routine

From: winged (
Date: 02/24/05

Date: 24 Feb 2005 01:02:20 EST

Leythos wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Feb 2005 21:52:18 +0000, ROBERT S AMP BA Drake wrote:
>>Good points. I'd add that I use Norton Ghost evrytime I have more software
>>updates than I would care to reload. Data is backed up frequently.
>>In the event of a casualty, I have to feed in ghost CDs follwed by a data
>>restore. Maybe this is too much trouble, but I bet the day I stop doing it
>>will be the day it all goes to hell in a handbasket!
> Ghost is a great product, don't know about version that Symantec sells
> now, it's no the same Ghost. I use to use Ghost as a means to reconfigure
> the training centers - create one image for each class type and then load
> them over the network at the same time.
> I also know a lot of people that use ghost to make backups before any
> major updates, it's a good method.
I use Ghost to back up the virtuals as well. Ghost is one powerful
product. I use multiple ghost images to break up the rebuild process
and use scripts to control the rebuild. On patch days I run one set of
backups the night after then the following day scripts patch the virtual
files,, then the virtuals get backed up the next night on hd dvd rw. I
try to maintain at least 3 months of archive, just in case. I use an old
DAT drive to do daily incrementals for changed files. This is a script
that just id's changes since previous day. I know my version of ghost
is old, but it still works well for me. I have been meaning to get a
newer version of ghost ...but that would probably require more work....