Re: Kaspersky service

From: kent (
Date: 02/22/05

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 19:38:51 -0800

"Michael J. Pelletier" wrote:

> kent wrote:
> > Regarding Kaspersky antivirus:
> >
> > Almost a year ago I picked up Kaspersky Personal antivirus after trying
> > out the trial version for a month. It worked exceptionally well and
> > found a number of worms and trojans that the leading antivirus programs
> > didnít recognize cleaning up my computer nicely. I was very impressed
> > but that was then not today.
> First understand I do not use Kaspersky. However, you never really found out
> what the problems was. Saying that removing the anti-virus solved your
> problems does not really answer the question of what happened or what
> caused it. Remember you were running it for a while WITHOUT any problems.
> SO something was done to your system. I would guess that someone downloaded
> a program and installed it. Maybe a backdoor?
> As for their bad technical support most companies are not much better.
> Frequently you get the reply "if you are not running the latest please do
> and call back." I am afraid that this is pretty much the same for all
> companies now-a-days...
> Michael

Definitely something got onto them but both computers (completely separate and
unconnected) lost their internet connection after downloading and installing the
Kaspersky update.

No matter how you cut it, with 24hr tech support and instant email, 12 days for
a response is ridiculous. If I wanted to wait that long for support I would have
put it in an envelope and snailmailed it to Moscow.