Re: My customers keep getting infected?

From: ROBERT S AMP BA Drake (
Date: 02/21/05

Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 14:29:33 GMT

Johns is exactly right. What I have found is that they will scrap the
computer and go buy a new Dell for $650 with XP and a clean install all
ready to go instead of investing a few hundred to get the old one right.
Then, 6 months later, deterioration sets in due to lack of FW, AV, intrusion
detection and the like and the cycle starts over.Computer and SW
manufacturers love these people!.
"johns" <> wrote in message
> You are not getting the dropper (packer, etc). What
> has happened is someone in the house was browsing
> less than wonderful sites .. along with getting a lot of
> scumbag email .. etc, and they did not have AV, firewall,
> and email filtering ... so they pulled down a world of
> packers that hide all over the PC, and slowly unload
> their final product. You can go in and remove the final
> product .. GAIN, gator, dialer, on and on, but then
> the packer is still there, and it will just unload all of that
> poop again. If you install AV, you will stop viruses
> coming in to the PC, but you won't usually detect viruses
> on the PC .. or at least they will be difficult to remove
> if they have made it into system files or email archives.
> You can dl spybot1.3 and Adaware6, but they will only
> remove the active spyware, and again they cannot remove
> the packers that will simply reinstall all that crap.
> Listen carefully: I read other replies here, and clearly
> I'm the only pro replying to you !!!!
> First, tell your customers to let you do a complete
> reinstall of their PC from scratch.
> If agreed, tell them to go and purchase the ENTIRE
> McAffee security suite. It is about $70 to $100 ??
> Backup their Documents, Favorites, Email ( good luck),
> possibly any photo album programs that store photos
> in their own subdirectories.
> Under Email, make sure you export and backup their
> address book to a txt or wab file.
> Backup any old DOS programs like Brothers Keeper,
> or anything that keeps its own data. Ask them !!!
> Burn this data to cdr .. if they don't have a cdr. Get one.
> Then tell them they need WinXP Home or Pro, and to
> go buy it .. also to buy the accompanying Office Suit.
> Finally have them buy a disk imaging app like Norton
> Ghost 8 .. or PowerQuest2001 *** I like.
> Get together all their ISP poop and setup.
> I realize all of this is going into a bit of money, but that
> is just the way it is .. expect about $200 to $400.
> They need at least a 120 gig drive. Partition it c-drive
> 40gig, d-drive 60gig and install the OS , mobo drivers,
> and SP2. Install the video drivers and create accounts
> for everyone using the box. Go in and make the accounts
> look good. Nice desktop, 1024 x 768, 75 vert. I like
> to center the background picture and leave a border
> that helps show up the icons. Install the ISP access,
> and check it, and log out. Install McAffee. Turn OFF
> automatic updates .. always do that manually. Turn OFF
> the windows firewall .. use the McAffee firewall.
> Install all apps.
> Now, load the backup cdr, and scan the crap out of it.
> Restore Mydocs, favorites, email and check it for
> addr book, boxes, etc. IF THE USER SQUAWKS
> .... about something is missing, tell them you did the
> best that you could to recover their poop. If you were
> afraid of this, THEN FOR SURE, before you start,
> have them buy a new hard drive, and slave their old
> one to it and recover data from the slaved drive.
> NOTE: don't attach the slaved drive until after you
> have completely installed the new drive and partitioned
> it as I said. McAffee will watch the recovery from the
> slave drive. Once you are done and they quit yelling,
> put that slave drive away in a padded box and store it.
> Something will be missing for sure, and you need to
> keep that thing intact.
> NOW: defrag the entire c-drive.
> Run your drive image program, and create an image of
> the c-drive on the d-drive. Also, give them a list of
> several folders that they need to copy to the d-drive
> about once a week .. Favorites, Mydocs, email, etc ..
> and demonstrate how to do that, plus give them a piece
> of paper telling them how to do that.
> Install Adaware6 and Spybot1.3 ... set them up and
> run a scan, and then leave icons on the desktop for the
> user to run once a week.
> Have the user contact their ISP and ask if the ISP
> provides email filtering ( spam and virus ). Hopefully
> it is Postini. Subscribe to it, and include that in their
> annual fee. Run any programs that need network access
> .. IE, email, and approve them through the firewall.
> Show them how to access Windows Updates, and tell
> them to only dl the critical security updates. Nothing
> else .. Windoze is pushing video drivers :-)
> NOW you have a good starting point for security.
> Pull Mommy and Daddy aside, and warn them about
> little Bobbies online habits ... mp3s, lawyers, nudies.
> Also ask them if they would like for you to restrict
> certain access on the PC .. like no changing the desktops,
> no changing the video settings to unviewable resolutions
> etc .... read up on how to set up IE with a dummy
> proxie and allow list ... also read up on how to use
> gpedit.msc to restrict hardware and desktop access.
> Slam little Bobbies world shut. I can tell you how to
> do all of that .. just unravel my email address and I will
> teach you.
> johns

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