Re: Windows Firewall Has A Backdoor

From: Michael J. Pelletier (
Date: 02/21/05

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    Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 21:28:09 -0800

    DevilsPGD wrote:

    > In message <> Far Canal
    > <> wrote:
    >>Jay Calvert wrote
    >>> Did you know that programs on your computer can write their own rules
    >>> for your firewall. This makes it pretty convenient for spyware, doesn't
    >>> it.
    >>>From elsewhere -
    >>Nope, it's by design. The M$ developer notes specify it as a
    >>method to add programs to the exception rules, originally
    >>intended for on-line games to add themselves and avoid the hassle
    >>of the technically illiterate having their PC get stuck in black
    >>screen mode during on-line game start up (because any game that
    >>utilises OpenGL or DirectX full screen mode will 'hide' the pop-
    >>up message asking for access permission).
    >>The guys on the M$ developer forums were discussing this some
    >>time back in an effort to have M$ remove this 'feature' but
    >>didn't get very far. The only suggestion that came back was to
    >>use a program to monitor changes to the registry, such as SpyBot
    >>Resident that intercepts all registry changes and asks for
    >>If you have a newer version of eMule it has an option to open
    >>ports on the firewall automatically when it starts and close them
    >>when it ends.
    > More importantly, Windows Firewall only firewalls inbound connections --
    > Malware can already connect out, so there is little harm in allowing
    > inbound connections anyway.

    Ah then what is the point?
    > You're ALREADY COMPROMISED by the time that this "exploit" (if you call
    > it that) could possibly be invoked.


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