Re: Windows Firewall Has A Backdoor

From: Jay Calvert (
Date: 02/20/05

Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2005 08:04:06 +0000

DevilsPGD wrote:
> In message <cv87no$m6d$> Jay Calvert
> <> wrote:
>>Did you know that programs on your computer can write their own rules
>>for your firewall. This makes it pretty convenient for spyware, doesn't it.
> So?
> The malware is already on your computer by the time it can tamper with
> your firewall settings. In other words, it's already too late.
Yes the trojan is on your machine, by fault of the user, not the
firewall running. If I download some spyware by mistake and install it,
this has nothing to do with the firewall, at least the Windows Firewall.

However, if I execute that malware on my machine and it circumvents the
rules I have put into place in my Windows Firewall, the firewall becomes

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