Re: Natted IP

From: Bill Unruh (
Date: 02/17/05

Date: 17 Feb 2005 22:05:03 GMT

"Stuart M" <dfdgh@fghf.cvgd> writes:

>I just did a firewall test at and it found out my
>internal ip address. I am behind a Draytek Vigor router and am running XP.
>Can anyone advise me on why this is so and what I can do about it? Here is
>the text from the site:

Your own computer surely knows its own IP. Your browser runs on your
computer. Why should it not be able to display its own IP address?

> Notice!, your natted (or real) IP address is This
>information can be used to track your activities. I should not be able to
>obtain this information if your security is properly configured!

Who says they have the info?

>It does say on another part of the site that disabling Java script stops it
>(it does) but I would think my router could also.

IF your system sends out info from your machine in an http request, then
why should your router stop it? It is just data in a packet, unless you
want to cut off all http communications.

>I am also a bit puzzled by the fact that I have a range of ports forwarded
>to this pc for gaming purposes and both this site and report them
>stealthed even when the game server is running. Any info on this would be