Re: NOD 32 problem

From: winged (
Date: 02/16/05

Date: 15 Feb 2005 23:26:48 EST

Ritter197 wrote:
> Since I renewed for another year I find that the NOD32 comes up at Startup
> (OK of course) then the screen goes black for a moment and NOD32 comes up
> again with the Control Center and stays there. I always have to manually
> close and Hide it.
> Before it did not do any of these annoying things.
> I am using Windows XP with SP # 2 installed.
> How do we fix that? So I do not have to HIDE it manually all the time.
Are you using NOD 1.0 or version 2? Does XP security center recognize
NOD as the system AV tool (I suspect not)? You must have version 2.12
downloaded before you can install the Sp2 update beta. This should stop
the security center issue of pooping up.


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