Re: Internet Firewall FAQ in Dutch

From: Jim Watt (jimwatt_at_aol.no_way)
Date: 02/09/05

Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 19:30:52 +0100

On Wed, 09 Feb 2005 09:01:25 -0600, wrote:

>In Jim Watt <jimwatt@aol.no_way> wrote:
>> Nothing against those who speak languages other than English
>> but newgroups are really for discussion rather than lengthy reference
>> material in multiple languages and machine translation generates
>> spam rather than useful information.
>Perhaps you ought to reconsider your definition of "spam."

I know a lot about it and wrote a Spam analysis program
in 1969, errr what were you doing at the time?

>It does not mean "stuff I do not want to read."

The stuff posted is stuff nobody wants to read and is
inappropriate content.

Jim Watt