Re: Does anybody know about this URL *.

From: winged (
Date: 02/04/05

Date: 04 Feb 2005 01:42:00 EST

aannggeell wrote:
> ..
> Does anybody know about this:
> URL "*." has somehow been installed in the Internet Explorer
> 5.5/Tools/Options/Security/Trusted sites/Sites.
> I cannot seem to permanently Delete it!
> I delete it, and it just reappears!
> I have tried adding it to the Internet Explorer
> 5.5/Tool/Options/Security/Restricted sites/Sites, but that seems to make no
> difference.
> Also, while we're at it:
> I can't Delete any entries (individually nor collectively) from Outlook
> Express 5.5/NewsGroups.
> I have to UnSubscribe from each NG individually, Delete the NGs .DBX file
> through Windows Explorer, Re-Subscribe to the NG, and then (re-) download.
> What's up with that?
> Angel
> ..
For tcp: (RFC 2012) The local IP address for this TCP connection. In the
case of a connection in the listen state which is willing to accept
connections for any IP interface associated with the node, the value is used.

For udp: (RFC 2013) The local IP address for this UDP listener. In the
case of a UDP listener which is willing to accept datagrams for any IP
interface associated with the node, the value is used.


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