Re: New virus poses as CNN Breaking News

From: winged (
Date: 01/22/05

Date: 21 Jan 2005 22:24:47 EST

lee wrote:
> Leythos wrote:
>> In article <yveId.3$>,
>> says...
>>> Writing malware cannot cause harm or death to an other's person. It
>>> might screw your data, or hose your OS, but that act cannot cause
>>> your death. Unless you know something I don't.
>> Actually, with the number of personal computers in plant (factory)
>> floor environments where commands for machine control are being
>> processed at the PC, malware and other types could cause physical
>> harm. For almost 20 years I worked in the industrial sector with PLC's
>> and computers as they migrated into the "plant-floor" and the only way
>> we kept those nasty things out was to firewall the floor systems from
>> the office systems and remove all means for common users to
>> load/download anything.
>> I saw a single word virus spread through 13 plants in less than 6
>> hours many years ago - but the plant floor network was not impacted
>> since we didn't allow the front office systems or IT people access to it.
> Yes, I'll agree that incidental harm could come from malware infecting
> some PC in some circumstance like you describe. But, I've never seen any
> evidence that the mere act of writing malware caused another's death.
> There may be some urban legends out there.
Actually even Microsoft does not recommend using Windows for or mission
critical applications. Its right there in the EULA.