Re: New virus poses as CNN Breaking News

From: Michael J. Pelletier (
Date: 01/22/05

Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 16:51:55 -0800

Rodney Kelp wrote:

> People who write viruses are no different than people who would cut your
> brake line or put arsenic in your coffee. The punishment should be the
> same.
> "Jay Calvert" <> wrote in message
> news:csp7t0$ucd$
>> Virus spreads as it pretends to be from CNN Breaking News Service. It
>> even uses realtime information from before sending it.

What about companies that make this shitty software (not tested and rushed
to sale)? What about holding them accountable? I blame them more than the
people that write the virus. There is a good old saying, "locks are meant
to keep honest people honest" Too many times Microsoft has just made it too
damn easy...I blame Microsoft more than the people who write these

True no software is perfect and without flaws but come on! No company on the
planet has a worse record of problems. Microsoft is also one of the richest
companies on the planet. So why don't they worry less about supporting SCO
and fix their damn code?

Many people will spew that stupid statement about Microsoft being hacked and
cracked because they are the most popular Operating and applications
company. Bullcrap! I have friends that partake in these sort of activities.
Hackers are opportunists! They do not care about marketshare. If you give
them a hole they will take it no matter what the OS or application is....

Enough is enough. Microsoft need to be held accountable...


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