Re: How share program Files folder on LAN?

From: jtsnow (
Date: 01/16/05

Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 10:20:48 -0800

that was great input thankyou. My main PC on the home LAN is XP Pro. I
found the simple file sharing box in Pro and that was great to know I have
that capability. But the other PCs that I need to share are HOME....i
should have mentioned that. Ill try the same on them, but if there is a
different procedure I would appreciate know it.

Also, Im only doing his to be able to back up files from Remote PCs to my
main PC that has a external large HD for this purpose. And I do need to
back up those protected folders as my family puts stuff there that should be

Ideally I would ahve liked to used Ghost 9.0 to make images over net but 9.0
wont image net files so Im using the WIndows provided backup utility

thanks again!

<nemo (nemo outis)> wrote in message
> In article <3bxGd.11247$Tf5.360@lakeread03>, "jtsnow"
> <> wrote:
>>On my home LAN I cannot see the contents of the Program Files Folder on
>>other PCs.
>>On those PCs the entired "C" drive is set to share, yet that folder will
>>still not allow access.
>>When attempting to set share permission on that particular folder, the
>>option is shaded out and not available to make as share.
>>Is there a way to set the sharing for ALL folders on the C drive? I am
>>admin on all PCs using XP.
>>thanks for any tips
> I'm going to guess that you are using XP Pro rather than home
> (otherwise it's a tad more difficult) and that you have "Use
> Simple File Sharing" enabled (it's the last item under Explore -
> Tools - Folder Options - View)
> Turn off the simple file sharing and you now have the full
> "permissions" model for security settings. To share the programs
> folder (or the windows folder, etc.) set the permissions so that
> the "everyone" group (which will be used in a bit for the "no
> hassle" peer to peer guest logon authentication mode) has at
> least read (and maybe write, etc.) permissions to that folder and
> all child folders (overriding the original permissions and
> inheritance). When you're done reenable simple file sharing.
> Assuming the root drive is shared (C: say) then you will now be
> able to get at the programs on the remote computer.
> However, that **doesn't** mean you will be able to run them - at
> least not cleanly.
> The minimum you should do is make accessible shortcuts (on either
> your computer or the remote one) which identify the program and
> the initial directory by UNC rather than drive (e.g.,
> \\computername\driveletterwithnocolon\directorypath rather than,
> say, C:\program files\someprogramdirectory\programfile)
> However, be warned that if the program has not been designed to
> be run over a network(and with the possibility of multiple
> simultaneous instances on multiple computers) then any number of
> "strange" side effects are possible or the program may just balk
> (e.g., if it cannot find a dll, registry entries, etc.).
> Backup of both machines before messing about would be a prudent
> precaution :-) ... at least until you get the feel of doing this
> sort of thing.
> Regards,

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