Re: REVIEW: "Computer Viruses for Dummies", Peter Gregory

From: Technobarbarian (
Date: 01/15/05

Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2005 00:59:32 -0700

"Michael J. Pelletier" <> wrote in message
> Technobarbarian wrote:
>> If it's on topic it's on topic. It doesn't matter if there are other
>> groups where the post would also be on topic. A number of the subjects I
>> chat about on usenet have multiple groups devoted to more or less the
>> same
>> subject. I choose some and ignore others based on my personal tastes.
>> I've
>> been on usenet since back in the days when rin and tin were common usenet
>> readers. You are the first person I've seen object to an on topic post
>> because there were other groups where the same message would also be on
>> topic.
>> If my insults are so offbase tell me what sort of usenet spam tells you
>> something sucks and isn't worth buying? Outside of your amazingly anal
>> little world view of course.
>> TB
> The point is that their ARE newgroups devoted for this. BOOK REVIEWS. This
> news groups is supposed to be about discussions of computer security not
> which books I should buy. Come on.

     Come on yerself. Where did you get the right to define what belongs in
this group? This group is about just what it says when you walk in the
door--computer security--without any other limitations that you may wish to
invent. If you want a group that meets your limited definitions I'd suggest
you find one or found one.
> I too have been using news groups for some time going back some 12 years
> or
> so. News groups used to be a good place where you could post a problem and
> someone who had the same problem would help you out. In fact, I still come
> here for that reason. Should someone post a problem I have come across I
> will help. However, I have seen most newsgroups eroded into nothing more
> than rude people insulting one another. It is a shame. They have become
> filled with wantabee techies such as you.

     I have never claimed to be a techie, my odd sig comes from the fact
that I'm a rough individual who makes odd bits of modern technology fit into
my lifestyle--rather like a beachcomber finding odd bits of computers on the
beach and fashioning them into something ornamental or maybe even useful.
If'n ya' don't like the company it may be time to consider that you are in
the wrong place.

    If you want a group devoted solely to problems you are in the wrong
place. This is an alt group. Anything--In neee thang--that fits under
computer security fits here.

    And you still have not explained what sort of usenet spam tells you
something sucks and you shouldn't buy it? I really am interested, you seem
to have found a whole new species. If anyone is being insulting and rude
here it's you--hollering "spam" at perfectly legitimate posts.