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From: sh4d03 (
Date: 01/10/05

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    Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 18:20:25 +1100

    sh4d03 wrote:
    > Robsten wrote:
    >> Thomas Lees skrev:
    >>> I am coming to the end of my subscription with Norton Security 2004.
    >>> But before I go buy the upgrade or otherwise, I want to know what I
    >>> am using really is the best?
    >>> I went to
    >>> And noticed many ports were open, I am on a router btw.
    >>> I did the same scan on Mcafee Security and all was green for me. So
    >>> what would be best for me? Norton Security 2005 or Mcafee Security
    >>> 2005. I even noticed for a cheaper price ZoneAlarm do a full
    >>> security package? What as the general public, would you recommend?
    >>> I want anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall and privacy control. Just
    >>> wonder what you would suggest.
    >>> -tom
    >> I think F-secure has a package, it,s far better than Norton, McAffe is
    >> better too. Norton sucks!
    > I'm sorry for people who hear me say this a lot but I totally agree with
    > Tom on Norton. I don't know if there's a brown paper bag full of cash
    > handed over to Computer magazines who do AV reviews, but Norton IMHO
    > should NOT receive the high respect it does. I'm a computer technician
    > who time after time will remove a completely updated, installed
    > correctly and running correctly version of Norton AV or even NIS and
    > install an Antivirus solution which we recommend (VET Anti-virus which
    > is the Australian distribution by Computer Associates) and VET will
    > instantly find about 10 viruses lurking on the computer that Norton was
    > completely happy with. Norton Firewall - pfft. If it blocks anything I
    > usually find it blocks EVERYTHING there's no happy medium. I'm not very
    > used to McAffee's solution so can't really comment. All I can say is you
    > MUST be better off with something other than Norton. I find Norton Ghost
    > and Norton Disk Doctor to be fantastic applications. As far as the
    > System Security etc Norton is about as effective as Solitaire.
    > I'm personally a user of Firefox when using Windows (I prefer Linux/UNIX
    > but am an unoffical Windows Technician). VET Anti-virus keeps me well
    > out of trouble and I can find out if they ship to any other country
    > (haven't checked to see where you're from). I use AdAware SE, SpyBot SD
    > 1.3 and SpySweeper to remove SpyWare and SpyWareBlaster to help prevent
    > it from coming back again. I use Thunderbird for my Email and with some
    > simple filters set up with Thunderbird 1.0 I have no trouble with SPAM.
    > All in all, my work can see VET for $66 first up and then Computer
    > Associates charge AUS$44 per 12 months to keep the application totally
    > up to date - that means engine, program, signatures, patches - the works.
    > AdAware SE 1.05 Personal is free
    > SpySweeper I can't remember what the cost is but it's not too bad
    > SpyBot SD 1.3 is free
    > SpyWareBlaster is free
    > Firefox is free
    > Thunderbird is free.
    > VET Antivirus does a sterling job of cleaning incoming Emails and is
    > constantly doing background scans which are NOT as resource intensive as
    > that of Norton, McAffee or ZoneAlarm.
    > Long story short, IMHO steer well clear of NIS _AND_ NAV as neither are
    > worth the effort.
    > If you want more information on anything I've said please feel free to
    > follow the instructions below _carefully_ to contact me.
    > Best of luck,
    > Sh4d03

    My apologies, I mis-read and it was infact Robsten who spoke the truth
    of Norton.


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