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From: sh4d03 (
Date: 01/07/05

Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 17:46:40 +1100

~ OTH ~ wrote:
> hi all, my friend bought a hp omnibook, p2 400, 4100 series, for her son for
> school.
> well the operating system is 982nd, but full of major crap, so he did fdisk,
> then reformatted it. so good so far, but now we cant get it to boot to the
> cd rom, seams like the floppy and cd rom arnt hot swappable, and the bios
> has a pass word on it, so we cant get in the bios to do a boot to cd
> command, all tho i can tap the esc key at start up, and get to the boot up
> device screen, but i guess i dont have the cd rom drivers in c:
> i copied the fdisk files to c: , trying to get it to boot to c: with the cd
> rom in, so i can change to cd and run setup.
> im having no luck here,
> can someone give me some light here, smile.
> thanks in advance all.
> ~ mark ~
You could try finding the BIOS reset switch INSIDE the laptop - risky if
you don't know your way around - or alternatively you could make a
Windows Boot Disk using another Windows 98 machine and insert that into
the floppy drive. That will install the CD Drivers and allow you to
access your install CD and carry on from there.

To create a boot disk go to add/remove programs and the option is in there.


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