Re: Exclusive: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta

From: Michael J. Pelletier (
Date: 01/07/05

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    Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2005 20:24:02 -0800

    I do not believe his comment was meant to be malicious. What Penguin_x was
    saying is that there are MUCH better solutions out there. I agree. The
    problem with MS solutions is you need soooo many secondary applications
    (Anti Spyware, Virus, patch after patch, etc) to run safely. I have been
    frustrated with MS for years. They never fix a problem directly instead the
    take the most roundabout way of doing things. It is like, "Hey upgrade, Buy
    more crappy software)....

    Now, understand that UNIX people like me and other come here usually because
    they are forced to support MS in some way and not to ridicule people.

    "Vanguard" <see_signature> wrote:

    > "Penguin_X" <> wrote in message
    > news:fQdDd.49060$
    >> Alain Star wrote:
    >>> Exclusive: Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta
    >>> Microsoft have just finished distributing an internal Beta 1 escrow
    >>> build to
    >>> internal beta testers. "Atlanta" is the code-name for Microsoft's
    >>> rehashed
    >>> GIANT Software Anti-Spyware. In a memo internally, the company looks
    >>> clear
    >>> to distribute the software this coming Thursday calling it "new, it's
    >>> fresh,
    >>> and it's all good".
    >>> Screenshots and details:
    >> Microsoft anti-spyware ? I don't trust that. I prefer using an other
    >> operating system and keep my computer free from that ****.
    > Another basher speaketh. Thou shall listen or be consumed in the fires
    > that made thee.
    > Why do you care about applications used on one of MANY operating systems
    > which you do NOT use? Gee, I don't use IBM MVS, AS/400, Mac, OS/2, or
    > lots of other operating systems, but I have no insuppressible itch to go
    > hunting around for threads related to those other operating systems
    > unused by me just to say, "Hey, look at me, I don't use that OS, I'm
    > super smart in picking an OS regardless of the requirements of my
    > critical apps, so I don't care about applications for those other
    > OS'es." Wow, what a surprise. Do you really appreciate someone
    > interrupting your discussion to proselytize their divined wisdom in
    > choosing a different operating system than you?

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