here's a FECN question for the network techs in the room...

From: Dood (
Date: 12/21/04

Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2004 00:14:04 GMT

I've got a router with a full T-1 plugged in. I've configured traffic
shaping and FULL CIR. I've confirmed with Bell South that they are set
to FULL CIR on there side also. So supposedly both sides are set for
full T-1 CIR. My problem is the fact that my router is seeing approx
5000 FECNs per hour, even when I show 30 to 40 percent utilization on
my line. I've configured my router to throttle back when it recieves
FECNs instead of shutdown. I have a WAN Sniffer inline on my serial
link inbetween my CSU and my router. I've run captures and history
samples and benchmark utilization. I've tasked Bell South to tell me
which frame switch is sending my router the FECN's, but so far no
luck. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I could be
wrong, but if both sides are set to FULL CIR, I don't think I should
see FECNs even if I oversubsribe my circuit. Both sides should be
transmitting and recieving at the same speed.

Any input is greatly appriciated, Peace.

Network Dood.

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