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From: S. Pidgorny (
Date: 12/04/04

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    Date: Sat, 4 Dec 2004 20:15:01 +1100


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    "dc0de" <> wrote in message
    > I don't know what Donnie ( is talking about, as I
    > have Symantec Anti-Virus 9, and Symantec Client Security 2.0, and do not
    > have to worry about keyloggers.

    Are you serious? Not that I'm a big paranoid, but they can't do anything
    with hardware keyloggers, nor they detected a sofware keylogger that my
    colleague has written in few hours. They don't analyse API hooks - Symantec
    only protects against well-known software keylogger engines.

    > Symantec has a great track record of finding these trojans, and being
    > able to remove them. And since they own, they
    > have one of the largest groups of information gatherers in the
    > Information Security market. I would be wary of any small companies
    > that claim to do a better job across the board.

    Symantec is a good company and nobody claims being better accross the board.
    But it is a fact of life that Symantec doesn't do overly good job protecting
    againts different kinds of annoying malware/adware/crapware (I'm not too
    sure about rootkits). There is no perfect vendor.

    Svyatoslav Pidgorny, MVP, MCSE
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