Re: wireless broadband security

From: Celtic Leroy (
Date: 12/03/04

Date: Fri, 03 Dec 2004 05:00:58 GMT

donnie <> wrote:

>Your analogy is worthless. I won't even respond to it. Again, the
>original poster never said he was trying to do anything w/ their
>signal. You guys just assumed that.

Actually, yes he did say that.

And I quote: "Many times this is someones home wireless cable system.
My qustions is if I use this, can that person get access to my
system?" (Spelling not corrected, as this is an EXACT quote)

The part that says "IF I USE THIS" means he intends to use it if he
can get away with it. He wants to know if he can. Turning a blind
eye to it will not change the fact.

It is YOU that assumes this person is benevolent. Don't try to get
me, and others here to close our eyes with you.