Re: Hardware keyloggers

From: Kevin (
Date: 12/01/04

Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 19:43:07 -0800

If you do a Google search using the term "detecting hardware key loggers"
you get 105,000 hits. Of course, the old-fashioned way of inspecting every
machine still works. But, with several hundred machines I see your problem.
That could take a while.

"Simon Martin" <> wrote in message
> Anyone know of any methods of detecting the use of hardware keyloggers, as
> pictured in attached? We run a network of several hundred Windows 2000
> and run both Active Directory and SMS.
> Can anyone suggest any way we can monitor for use of these devices via SMS
> reporting or any third-party software? The only product I've found so far
> PrivacyKeyboard by Raytown Corp LLC.