Re: Malware Triangle

From: kurt wismer (
Date: 11/24/04

Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 23:22:46 -0500

Richard S. Westmoreland wrote:
> "kurt wismer" <> wrote in message
>>Ant wrote:
>>>While HTML is not a programming language, for the purpose of this
>>>discussion it should be considered as such. It can contain scripts,
>>>and interpreting it in a browser could have the same effect as running
>>>a compiled executable file.
>>shame on you... if you can't make a program with it, it's not a
>>programming language... period...
>>an html document can act as a container, so can a zip file... that
>>doesn't make html a programming language anymore than it makes winzip a
> Either way, it doesn't matter. Whether it's an exe, bat, html, jpg, doc,
> etc., they are all software.

no, they are not... html documents are not programs, therefore they are
not software...

> I think the proper definition of html is that it is a formatting language
> that can contain other interpretable languages.

exactly as i've been saying - html documents can act as *containers*...

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