Re: "Activepak" - Any good?

From: KG6VQE (nospam)
Date: 11/18/04

Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 00:59:57 GMT

 As an active, IT professional, I am sure that this product, if it did all
it says it does, would be advertised to the hilt in Professional IT Trade
magazines. I subscribe/receive over a dozen of the industry trade rags, and
no one ever said anything about a miracle product such as these.
While they may have lofty goals, it is almost too good to by true.
My experience tells me that if it too good to be true, it probably is. If
it is free, you could try it, but I would A) Backup my system (Use XP's
recovery service) B) Not put in a credit card, as some trials do (Free for
10 days, unless you cancel, and then it is $24.95/month). C) look for other
"INDEPENDENT" reviews. The magazine sites - PCWORLD.COM, PCMAGAZINE, ZDNET,
etc. should have a review if the product is worthy.

I disagree with one thing though....just because a company sells on TV
Infomercials, doesn't make it legitimate or good. Years ago, I bought the
Magic Television Antenna. This device plugs into your House Wiring
(110volts), and then into your Antenna connection of your TV. They sold
thousands on TV. We happened to live in a No Signal Area (Serviced by Cable
and Sattelite TV only) due to hills blocking the signal. We wanted to watch
the Olympics one year....bought one of the Magic devices, and the signal was
no better than a pair of rabbit ears.