Re: Anti-keylogger?

From: nemo outis (
Date: 11/13/04

Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2004 04:03:16 GMT

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"J.Smith" <> wrote:
>Already using both of them, but they don't detect keyloggers, as far as I
>Thanks, anyway.
>> Get programs such as Spybot S&D and AdAware and run a scan on a regular
>> basis. You'd be surprised how much you'll find. Some computers even have
>> mild spyware on them when they come from the manufacturer.

There are a number of programs which claim to be keyloggger
detectors, such as Personal Antispy (which is reputed to be good
but not perfect).

However, the best candidate seems, at first glance, to be an
unlikely one. The best keylogger detector is also the best (by
far) anti-trojan: TDS-3 from Diamondcs. TDS can detect most
keyloggers by signature but also has fancy heuristics.

Incidentally their (very new) program ProcessGuard gives superb
backup protection to any firewall by ensuring that permitted
applications cannot be compromised. Not just my opinion either -
see the excellent firewall rating - and severe testing! - site:
[yep, three l's in a row!]


PS There is a very long (but unrated) list of those who
supply anti-monitoring software including anti-keyloggers at the
following site:
[scroll down a bit]