AIM "privacy" issue

From: Clay Denski (
Date: 11/10/04

Date: 9 Nov 2004 15:37:37 -0800

I have a question for those of you who use AIM (Aol instant
messenger). I use it at work, for work. My boss uses it too, as do
others. PRoblem is, whenever I get up to use the bathroom, I lock my
computer (ctrl-alt-del then lock) so nobody gets in and plays pranks,
but when I do that, AIM pops up on my bosses computer the message
"Clay is Away". He doesn't have his messenger set up to NOT show
those notifications. When I get back from using the bathroom, or
whatever, it sends out another popup. This seems to me a privacy
problem. Locking my keyboard should NOT force a broadcast of "I'm
away". Yet there is no setting I can find in AIM to turn that off.

Is there another IM I should use that would still be AIM compatible?


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