Re: Recommend webproxy service

From: nemo outis (
Date: 10/30/04

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 00:23:33 GMT

In article <418233A2.D85A9ED5@wherebefore44.ok>, MiLi wrote:

>Hi again: I'm making progress but could you help me out on the Proxy
>setting please.
>I looked at the TOR documentation and understand to configure Proxy for
>port 9050. But what do I place in the address field? (Using latest
>releae of mozilla). I did a netstat -a and put in one of the TOR
>servers --- but that didn't work. I also put in localhost i.e.
> but that didn't seem to work either. Got a message in TOR
>window: "[Warn] Socks version 71 not recognised. (Tor is not an http

Tor (by *default* - but it's configurable) speaks & listens using
socks on localhost ( port 9050. You don't have to do
anything here. Just fire Tor up before you browse.

If you put privoxy in between your browser and Tor (as you should
to avoid DNS info leakage) then privoxy "speaks & listens" to
your browser on localhost ( on http (and https) port
8118 (this is the *default* in Privoxy - but it's configurable).
You don't have to do anything here. Just fire Privoxy up before
you browse.

Privoxy "speaks & listens" to Tor on socks using localhost
( port 9050. This is NOT configured in Privoxy by
default - you MUST ADD the line:

forward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .
[including the "dot"]

to config.txt in Privoxy's directory.

Finally, you must configure your browser to "speak & listen" to
Privoxy using socks on localhost ( port 8118.

Put 9050 as the two fields regarding socks proxy
(leaving the rest of the entries, especially http and https,
blank!) in either Firefox (Tools-Options-Connection
Settings-Manual Proxy Configuration) or Internt Explorer
(Tools-Internet Options-Connections-LAN Settings-Use a proxy
server...-Advanced) and all will be well.