Re: deleted part of my girlfriend thesis HELP

From: Eric (
Date: 10/27/04

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    Date: Tue, 26 Oct 2004 18:27:35 -0400

    You don't have to pay big buck for data recovery service, even after the HD
    is formated. There are many data recovery software out there.

    "Henning Dalgaard" <> wrote in message
    > I have a laptop with 2 partitions and after I ran Compaqs system recovery
    > reinstall WinXP I saw that it deleted my e-drive where my documents where.
    > Is it possible to recover the docs even after a format, and even after I
    > have made a new partition (thought I had backup so I made a new partition
    > with partition magic, but there is one important excelfile that I am
    > missing).
    > Since I am using a laptop, I dont have the option of taking the drive out
    > and putting it in another pc. I have a usb drive that I can connect to my
    > laptop though.
    > Help greatly appreciated!

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