Re: Ports 135 & 445

From: KHaled (me_at_localhost.home)
Date: 10/25/04

Date: 25 Oct 2004 14:53:17 GMT

"methanol" <> wrote in

> When I do a netstat -an these ports are always listening, I
> have a firewall blocking all lower ports but I was
> wondering how I could close them all together, or what
> programmes are using these ports?
> Regards,
> Chris B.

I have a program (SafeXP) which "hardens" my win2k, and as
part of this it shuts down port 445. However, when I tried
to do a windows update I found that there was a problem with
network connectivity, so backtracking I re-enabled port 445,
and all went well. So, for some reason windows update needs
this port, which is fine, now I open/shut the port as I need.
No other program seems to complain about this.