Re: INBOUND PPTP through Linksys units?

From: Gary (
Date: 10/25/04

Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 05:23:54 GMT

Leythos wrote:
> In article <ESAed.237575$wV.221604@attbi_s54>,
> says...
>>Leythos wrote:
>>>Linksys use to support in-bound PPTP sessions, but that was many
>>>firmware rev's ago. I have the BEFSR41, BEFSR31, BEFSR11, BEFVP41,
>>>BEFSX41, and a couple others here. None of them, with the last 5
>>>firmware updates, support PPTP IN-BOUND.
>>I've had to backrev some Linksys firmware recently. But I imagine their
>>lack of inbound support is on purpose. The smallest Cisco PIX, the 501,
>>sells for just under $400. They'll terminate both PPTP and IPsec
>>tunnels. You can do the same with one of D-Link's SOHO boxes, too, though.
> The Linksys BEFVP41 unit will do more than 70 IPSec tunnels and the
> BEFSX41 will do about 10 with the latest firmware. We're not having any
> problems with them at any location (and we have some 6 way IPSec tunnels
> running).
> I tried the BEFVP41, BEFSX41, and the BEFSR11 units and was unable to
> get the units to pass GRE outbound. I know this worked in the older (5+
> rev's) firmware, but I guess you may be right about the CISCO take over
> and it not working now.

The odd thing is that I'm having trouble with the IPsec client on the
SX41 working with the IPsec server on the PIX. Another user has an RV082
which is a larger, Cisco branded unit that also includes an 8 port
switch and dual WAN ports for failover -- pretty cool in case you want
cable and DSL. If I have any better luck with it, I'll be sure to post
my results.

> There is a D-Link VPN router that specifically states it can do IN-BOUND
> PPTP sessions to local devices behind it - I'm picking one up on Monday
> to test.

Yes, the DFL-80 has an IPsec client that works with the PIX. It also has
a PPTP client and PPTP server. I've had good luck using both of those
with the PIX as server and Windows as client, respectively. I wish the
Linksys boxes had PPTP client. It would make my life much easier.