Re: Firewall ???

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Date: 10/20/04

Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2004 23:25:23 GMT

"\"Crash\" Dummy" <> wrote in

>>Roadrunner cable subscriber
>>All MS Windows patches installed
>>AV program up to date
>>TCP/IP bindings secure
>>Netbios over TCP/IP disabled
>>So why do I need to run a firewall?
> I will try to give you a straight answer, although I expect to get
> jumped on by all the resident security experts. If your system is as
> described, you should have no open ports. You can verify this by
> opening a DOS box and running netstat:
> C:\windows\netstat -an
> If the result shows
> Active Connections
> Proto Local Address Foreign Address State
> with no entries, then all your ports are closed. If all your ports are
> closed, you don't need a firewall to defend against external attacks.
> You may, however, want a firewall to monitor traffic or control
> applications. Among other things, it can spot programs that include
> spyware. It is also a great learning tool for understanding how the
> internet works. I recommend that you get one, even if you can live
> without it.

Microsoft(R) Windows 98
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C:\WINDOWS>netstat -an

Active Connections

  Proto Local Address Foreign Address State