Re: Surfing at Work

From: Ant (
Date: 10/18/04

Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2004 23:36:07 +0100

"Leythos" wrote...

> It would be nice if they had to give a reason, but they don't in most
> cases. This is what makes it great for workers and employers alike -
> people work hard they get to keep their job (most of the time), people
> that are slackers get fired (most of the time).

I fail to see any benefit to an employee in not been given a reason.
Suppose a new manager came in and fired someone because he didn't like
the colour of their skin? Without a reason, the employee has no
redress for discrimination.

> Everyone is entitled to get up, walk outside, stretch their arms/legs,

What's that if it's not relaxation while at work?

> but you can't just punch a hole in the firewall and expect them to say,
> well - since you were on break it's ok.

Of course not.

>> Again this is not true in the UK. Various health and safety
>> regulations, and other laws, come into play. The company owes you a
>> comfortable, safe, and hassle-free working environment.
> And those are also the same in the US, but they have nothing to do with
> stealing company resources or subverting company policy.

They don't, but I was commenting on your apparent position of the
company owing you nothing. It's a two-way thing. Both sides have their
responsibilities towards each other.