Re: How do I safely open ports in Sygate?
Date: 10/14/04

Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 05:24:12 GMT

Why bother having a software firewall, if you insist on installing
programs that contain spyware? If you really, really want to do this

- Install the eDonkey crapware
- When it tries to connect to the internet, tell Sygate to block it.
- Open Sygate and click applications
- Find the app in the list and change to allowed
- Click the advanced tab and enter the trusted ips and/or ports

As an aside, I recommend setting the trusted IPs for your email client
to just your ISP email servers and the smtp/pop3 ports. It means you
won't see imbeded pictures in html emails (no big loss). The benefit
is you minimize the threat from many viruses and the spammers have one
less way of tracking you by seeing who viewed the pictures.


On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 01:50:01 +0100, Franklin <>

>I have got free Sygate Personal Firewall 5.5
>The file sharing program eDonkey can also access the BitTorrent
>network by using a plugin. The readme file says the plugin needs to
>have certain ports open:
>------ QUOTE -------
>To install it you will have to do the following:
>Unzip the zip file (you already did that).
>Copy all the files into the Plugins directory of eDonkey (usually
>C:\Program Files\eDonkey2000\Plugins).
>Open TCP ports 6881 through 6889 in your router/firewall.
>Restart eDonkey2000 (v1.0).
>If asked accept the plugin to take .torrent links.
>------ UNQUOTE -------------
>Can I do what these instructions say and not compromise my safety?
>Maybe I can open these ports (how do I do that???) and restrict
>access to the ports to only eDonkey and its plugins?