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Date: 10/04/04

Date: Mon, 04 Oct 2004 19:32:38 GMT

"Venerd́" <> wrote:

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>> "Venerd́" <> wrote:
>> If what you want is to limit a users ability to run your program,
>Yes. But i dont have access to code of that programs. I need to restrict
>access to a lot of programs (writed by others) on a lot of pc.
>I do that with a other program that handle users & passwords in a
>database. When the specific user has the rights to launch a specific
>program (by giving correct pw e id) the 'other program' log that and launch
>the requested program
>by calling it by a command line. I need to give the password (thar nobody
>see and nobody know, except the 'other program') to permit the launch.
>Sorry for terrible language. I hope you understand.

Understood. You need to do what was suggested by the previous poster
(donnie) and use the Windows group/permissions settings. You can give
each person, according to their login account, permission to run
specific programs and access to specific files. This will limit each
individual to only access the programs you want them to.

Good luck,

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