Re: Cracking admin password on Win 2000; then putting it back?

From: Bill Unruh (
Date: 10/04/04

Date: 4 Oct 2004 16:39:06 GMT

Mark3324 <user@domain.invalid> writes:

]> In this case, it appears that a person that didn't own the system
]> wanted to do something without letting the IT department know about it.
]You are correct: It is not "my" system, and I don't want IT to know about it.

]> If you really think that helping someone with those intentions is in
]> some way honorable or good, you really need to reconsider your values.
]I understand you have know way of knowing my intentions; I can write anything
]here and you can believe it or not.

Your intentions were never the issue. YOu are entering criminal territory
here. Ie, you could find yourself in jail. And the courts are not going to
give a damn about your intentions. See the Randall Schwarz case for an
object lesson.

]> If people didn't post asking for ways to subvert company policy, for
]> ways to get around company firewalls, for ways to pirate materials,
]> etc... it would be a much better community.
]I do this so I can accomplish my tasks more efficiently and so I can send my
]laptop off for service. As it stands, nothing on my machine is pirated,
]other than my wife and I share the same Windows 2000 CD. Heck, I even buy
]fonts, and I have reported blatant piracy.

This is irrelevant, and in fact makes matters much worse. Your intention is
to subvert the company policy for your own gain (getting your laptop

]> If you don't like group members taking people to task for doing
]> unethical things then you are going to have a hard time in this and many
]> other security/networking groups.
]Unethical? Well, if the motive is just to be more productive at the
]workstation, yet to do so requires I bust through a password, does that make
]it unethical? I'll explain more about the whole thing in a post that threads
]off my initial post.

Never mind unethical, illegal in many locations.
 You open yourself up to all kinds of harm-- both
criminal and civil. It is a stupid thing for a computer professional to do.
You could find yourself with a court order not to use a computer for the
next 10 years. Where would that leave your business?

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