Re: Cracking admin password on Win 2000; then putting it back?

From: Mark3324 (user_at_domain.invalid)
Date: 10/04/04

Date: Sun, 3 Oct 2004 22:34:55 -0400

> In this case, it appears that a person that didn't own the system
> wanted to do something without letting the IT department know about it.
You are correct: It is not "my" system, and I don't want IT to know about it.

> If you really think that helping someone with those intentions is in
> some way honorable or good, you really need to reconsider your values.
I understand you have know way of knowing my intentions; I can write anything
here and you can believe it or not.
> If people didn't post asking for ways to subvert company policy, for
> ways to get around company firewalls, for ways to pirate materials,
> etc... it would be a much better community.
I do this so I can accomplish my tasks more efficiently and so I can send my
laptop off for service. As it stands, nothing on my machine is pirated,
other than my wife and I share the same Windows 2000 CD. Heck, I even buy
fonts, and I have reported blatant piracy.

> If you don't like group members taking people to task for doing
> unethical things then you are going to have a hard time in this and many
> other security/networking groups.
Unethical? Well, if the motive is just to be more productive at the
workstation, yet to do so requires I bust through a password, does that make
it unethical? I'll explain more about the whole thing in a post that threads
off my initial post.