Re: BlackIce. How good? ie idiot friendly

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Date: 10/04/04

Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 00:45:54 +0100

"Dan" <> wrote ...
> How effective is this application in the hands of an "computer idiot"?
> I use ZoneAlarm which seems to do the job well enough but the
> suggestion was made to use BlackIce instead. I know nothing about
> PCs beyond word processing, data base, spreadsheets, graphics and
> presentation stuff.

If you don't mind a slight learning curve the Kerio [free] is my choice.
You don't say if you have ZA Free or Pro.

The following are IMO standard tools
+ AV app
+ Ad/Spyware app [Ad-aware and/or spybot both free]
+ Update your OS with security patches
+ SW Firewall
+ Store your personal docs in an encrypted format or container [especially sensitive
+ Backup ALL personal doc/files to an external or separate internal drive [Hourly if
necessary .. I use Second Copy]
+ A NAT Router [Some with the addition of a basic firewall] which can be got for a
few pound/dollars on EBay or a few more new [offers a good level of basic defence].