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Date: 10/01/04

Date: Fri, 01 Oct 2004 17:44:47 GMT

In article <>, on Thu, 30 Sep 2004 23:28:56 -0400, "Senturon"
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| I know this is very vaigue....and if you need to know more information to
| solve or answer this problem please email me at
| senturontemp-at-charter-dot-net. I am running XP service pack 2, up to date
| trend-micro internet security -PC-Cillin- (firewall, AV), and AVG free
| edition. I am fairly knowledgeable with computer security but i am
| certainly no expert.
| My problem is that my conversations (particularly AIM and MSN messenger) i
| believe have been falling into someone else's hands. I know that by no
| means is any system completely secure, but it is quite frustrating and was
| curious if there was any way to determine if the 'stealing' is being done
| from my computer, or from my friends (with whom the conversations took
| place) who has a similar set-up as i do. More importantly i need to be able
| to stop it.
| I know the usual comment is to call the police, which i would do if i had
| hard evidence that in fact this person has stolen conversations of mine but
| i only have the remarks from my friend, which are quite obvious that they
| have been taken. I know this sounds like every corny post, but i'm simply
| at a loss for words and could really use some help. Any help or remarks
| would be greatly appreciated.

Zonealarm <> has IM security which will encrypt
MSN conversations provided both ends of the conversation have it enabled:

"Zone Labs security software protects you by applying restrictions to instant
messaging software, filtering spam, and encrypting Instant Message traffic."

MessengerPlus! <> allows logs of conversations to be

"Messenger Plus! ... for permanent privacy, it can encrypt all your logs so that
only you can read your previous chats."

<davidp />

David Postill

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