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From: johns (
Date: 09/25/04

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    Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 13:51:18 -0700

    Based on my post, I wish one of you guys would write
    a jargon-free book on this subject. One that I might
    actually read. I'm part of your target audience ... you
    know ... a paying customer. And, if you are interested,
    I , and a co-worker of the same vintage ( learn by doing ),
    are designing a TRULY secure network for more than
    a 1000 users, and we don't use servers, or logins, and
    we don't sit there all day staring at a screen full of
    wordy meaningless lines of text. We actually talk to our
    users, and sometimes, we even listen to them. We don't
    live in an IT world of our own that is totally self-centered
    on just us. We don't create obscure web pages that
    no user would ever access. And we don't make empty
    promises about what we might be able to do. We do it.
    We even design and build secure computer furniture
    that helps greatly to limit hacking. That is a chapter you
    might include. We don't use words like "Enterprise", much
    less attach obscure initials with it. Who the heck knows
    what that means? Certainly not the people out here
    doing the jobs. Someday, I hope, the last jargon-user will
    transfer into Liberal Arts, and this age of helpless users
    will end !

    johns ( what the heck is Event Driven Archtecture ? )

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