Re: Are Anti-Virus Programmers Producing Most of the Viruses?

From: mcp6453 (
Date: 09/08/04

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    Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 02:58:23 GMT

    Thor wrote:
    > "Vallant" <> wrote in message
    > > After all,
    > > 1.They know all about viruses.
    > > 2.Chances of exposure and apprehension are slim.
    > > 3.They have the obvious motive of lucrative financial gain.
    > >
    > > Of course,you'd think someone would come out and blow the whistle
    > > at one of the software companies.....
    > > Then again,they could be doing that now but authorities can't
    > > build a case against one person.
    > >
    > > What I don't understand is why the media never reports on this.
    > > We just continue shelling out the bucks like suckers taking it
    > > all for granted.
    > I hear this theory postulated by the occasional conspiracy-minded customer.
    > But people with these suspicions must realize that there are more than
    > enough people around the world with the malicious or thrill-seeking intent,
    > combined with the programming skills necessary to create and distribute
    > viruses. There are sizable virus writer/hacker subcultures out there that
    > thrive on the publicity and notoriety of fast spreading and prolific
    > viruses, and hacking of websites and company systems. I've been around such
    > people before, and it is disturbing the level of disconnection these people
    > have with the rest of the society. Typically young, teens to early 20s,
    > somewhat gifted in computer knowledge, but with a destructive or anarchist
    > streak running through them, and a complete lack of concern about the damage
    > and problems their viruses can inflict. The AV companies, while they are
    > indeed making money hand-over-fist from the phenomenon, have nothing to do
    > with the creation of viruses and worms. It defies common sense that they
    > would be involved in such an act. Destructive-minded individuals of society
    > are ever-present, and are all-too-willing to do the job. The AV companies
    > need not lift a finger. And besides, if the AV companies were doing this, it
    > would not remain a secret for long, and there would be a massive criminal
    > penalities and class-action lawsuits if they were ever caught doing it. Such
    > an act would be so far over the top and outwardly criminal that they would
    > be insane to ever attempt it given the likelihood that the truth would leak
    > eventually, completely destroying their companies in the process, and
    > sending most of the management to jail.

    Thor! Don't tell me you've given up on paragraphs!!

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