Re: Password security for usb flash drives?

From: Brian (
Date: 09/07/04

Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 02:06:41 GMT

itsme wrote:

> I have a lexar usb flash drive. I love it. But is there anyway to password
> protect the data on this thing? I tried the encryption in windows xp, but
> you have to do it for each individual file and it causes all sorts of
> problems. I would love to be able to just give the flash drive a good
> password and be done with it.

>From what I understand you have to get one with some kind of built-in
security software. I have the JumpDrive Traveler on this site
(, but the JumpDrive Secure is
supposed to be able to do what you're talking about. (I just ordered one
of those last night--got a bargain for $66! So I'll find out what the deal
is with that one soon.)