Re: anyone else?

From: Filip Van Laenen (
Date: 09/06/04

Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 09:18:57 +0200

In article <ch95o8$1tm6$>, says...
> Email tech support at your ISP. Tell them that if they
> pass an email virus to your computer, and it does
> damage causing you to lose vital data, and the cost
> of restoring your system, that you will sue the pants
> off of them regardless of whether they think you can
> or not. What needs to happen is these ISPs need to
> be hauled befor a judge and jury, and let THEM
> decide when enough is enough. Have your lawyer
> detail to this jury just how simple it is for an ISP to
> filter all incoming email and remove the dangerous
> and destructive ones. When they hear that, I'm sure
> they will see that your ISP is simply and willfully
> exposing you to loss of your property and subjecting
> you to pain and suffering. When one of these ISPs
> loses his shirt in front of a judge and jury, this thing
> will stop. I'd like to see you get about $20 million
> out of their punk hides.
> johns

Yeah, and when they filter away one of those e-mails that actually
didn't contain a virus, sue them again! I suppose you have an agreement
with the Postal Services too to look into each letter before it's
delivered to you.

I think that good working abuse departments are the way to go.