Re: [OT] Rebooting XP system - seeking utilities

From: Eric Gisin (
Date: 09/01/04

Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 14:56:52 -0700

"Maerko" <> wrote in message
> Maybe one of these tools has made my registry now look for a non-
> existent program on bootup because the boot sequence keeps on
> looping. XP gets past the XP welcome screen (which is set to
> autologon) but even before the desktop icons appear, XP logs itself
> off. And then on and off and on. Etc.
Your system is booting. WinLogon is not launching explorer, or explorer is

> (1) Is there a way to get such a rebooting XP system to stop its
> boot sequence and to put up an error message when it can't find a
> particular program?
Try booting (using F8) to Safe Mode - command prompt. You can launch most GUI
apps, like regedit and eventvwr.

> (2) I have two XP partitions in one machine. One is old and the
> other is the failing partition which keeps rebooting. Is there a
> registry editor which I can run on the *old* XP partition and then
> edit the registry in the *other* failing partition?
You can load registry hives from system32\config using regedt32.

> It's perhaps the sort of tool which might be used for manual removal
> of malware.
> (3) Is there a tool which tells you what programs are called to run
> at XP's startup (like 'StartUpList' or 'HijackThis') but not for the
> same partition that as program runs in but for *another* XP
> partition?
Unlikely, too specific.