Re: Xenon 2

From: Kleeb (kleeb_at_kleeb.kleeb)
Date: 08/09/04

Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 08:46:17 GMT

On Monday 09 August 2004 01:23, Grizebar schrieb :

> Kleeb <kleeb@kleeb.kleeb> wrote in message
> news:<>...
>> On Sun, 08 Aug 2004 08:03:22 GMT, <email snipped> schrieb:
>> I know I'll probably take some heat for netcopping and
>> uninformed-malware-analysis but I've just got to know if this is
>> definitely something to worry about, or it was, actually, a spammed game.
>> Cordially,
>> Kleeb.
> Keep on Kopping! This thing seems to have been started very recently.
> It is currently spammed over every concievable Usenet newsgroup. My
> Avast! virus scanner failed to pick it up, even after I executed the
> Setup.exe trojan generator (by mistake). I sent a copy of the
> file to the Avast Forum Administator to check out and
> determine what to do with it. This may become a very large threat if
> not stopped.

Thanks for the reply. I too have seen it in a number of groups. I have
since checked the file again (unzipped) with F-Prot on Linux, still no joy.

I have seen someone reply to the post too, stating something along the
lines of ; "yeah, it certainly is !", and that's it.

Probably just a bit of social engineering or somebody's idea of a joke.