Re: SafeBoot BROKEN (and instantly withdrawn)

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Date: 08/04/04

Date: Wed,  4 Aug 2004 08:32:16 +0200 (CEST)

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"Simon Hunt" <> wrote:
> There is no problem with Solo, but CBI simply just cant justify it's
> continued existence. For a long time it was an enjoyable thing for us to
> promote, recently though due to one event the funs been taken out of the
> project and for that, unfortunately all must suffer. Solo has never been in
> our core business plan. We made it because it was a challenge, going back or
> our roots if you will, and it did not cost us anything to support. Now it
> does cost us something to support and we are not having any fun doing so,
> we've decided not to continue with it.
> As other people have commented in the past there are companies such as
> SecurStar who are actively pursuing the consumer market. I wish Shaun, Paul
> and Wilfried success in this venture. I expect there are numerous places you
> can still download the cracked version of SafeBoot Solo if you really want
> to, If there was a flaw, we would have put it right, remember there are 2
> million or so corporate customers also using SafeBoot, and there is no
> difference in the codebase between the two, also, we've pulled ALL the
> consumer products, it's not the products which are at fault, we simply no
> longer want to deal with some of the people who were buying them.
> Simon.
        That is a likely story. No one stops selling a profitable product because it is no longer "fun." That is a ridiculous statement on its face. Clearly, flaws in your software have come to light and you do not have the courage or character to admit same.

        Such conduct on your part speaks to your personal and your company's lack of character and trustworthiness.

        I have read many posts lately form dissatisfied customers that you have failed to assist in recovering their data after your software has made it inaccessible.

        I have also read where there is one guy where you destroyed his drives on purpose because he made you mad. I would never trust such a company, nor should anyone else.

        I have always believed that when something like this has comes to light, it is only the tip of the iceberg; for every problem that we hear about, you probably could multiply that by 100 or by 1000 to get the actual number of complaints and problems. I would never trust you, no matter what you say.