Re: mstask.exe replaced?

From: Julie Larson (
Date: 07/19/04

Date: 19 Jul 2004 10:40:05 -0700

"Andy Smith" <> wrote in message news:<t2DKc.457$>...
> I think it has happened twice. The first time Norton firewall was reporting
> that mstask.exe was trying to access the internet. NotePad.exe was as well.
> I killed notepad with no problem but ended up disabling mstask in the
> registry and the deleting the suspicous files.
> This time the process could not be stopped, the files could not be deleted.
> I booted off the recovery cd, then removed the suspicious files. Anyone else
> seeing this?
> Thanks,
> Andy

Yes, today on my machine, the firewall blocked Notepad.exe which
wanted to access the internet? Is this a new bug? McAfee Virus Scan
has nothing to say about it.