Re: Internet Explorer vs. Firefox security, what's the truth

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Date: 07/03/04

Date: Sat, 3 Jul 2004 10:51:21 -0400

>OK, I thought from reading the net I knew the truth: that IE is inferior
>to Mozilla, Firefox and Opera in security ( e.g., the recent exploit on
>IIS servers ). My cpu repair business friend swears that it was the IT
>managers' fault that that exploit occurred. Am I missing something ?

The truth is that no browser or system is proof against a clueless or careless
user. IE is more susceptible to mischief because it has more ways to get into
trouble and it is the primary target because it is the most widely used,
especially among unskilled operators. Blanket statements like "Mozilla is more
secure than IE" are meaningless without qualification. As Leythos points out, it
is entirely possible to make IE as secure as any other browser. I have been
using IE since its inception and have never been successfully penetrated or

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