Re: XP secure during repair?

From: Mimic (
Date: 07/02/04

Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 20:37:23 +0100

Mhzjunkie wrote:

> Leythos spewed out this bit, and i'll scatter a few bits myself :
>>In article <>,
>>>>The password is just a means to keep people from connecting directly
>>>>as you, anyone that gains access to the drive can do anything they
>>>Ahh, shit you say ?
>>If you want to try something really scarry, protect a file so that
>>only you can access it, then logon as another user, now try and
>>access the file - you can't (yet), not right click on it, select
>>properties, select Security (or some order like this) and then
>>advanced and then Ownership and then take ownership of the file - you
>>can now do anything you want with it.
> I know this you cockeyed cunt ! You need to wash that ice cream,snot and
> dirt off your face, mums calling, i think dinners ready.

LOL, you have to be the lamest troll ever, even *r*ck*r is more original
than you.

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