Re: New computer, which security software?

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Date: 06/27/04

Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2004 13:06:36 GMT

On Sat, 26 Jun 2004 19:02:00 GMT, "Gary Whittle"
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>My new PC arrived yesterday and I am trying to find out what software people
>recommend having loaded to avoid Virus's, Trojan's, unwanted Ads etc.
>I have a background in IT, a web designer by trade - but I have let my
>knowledge of PC security slip over the past year or two.
>I have loaded the most up to date versions of the following:
>- Norton Anti Virus 2004
>- Adaware Professional, Adwatch constantly running
>The obvious missing piece of the puzzle is some form of Firewall, which I
>have deliberately left out as I really hate the restrictions when playing
>online games, and working with my server.
>Is there anything else which will further protect my PC? My friend
>mentioned some form of Trojan monitor, cant remember what it was called. Do
>you think I should really employ the use of a firewall? My PC is connected
>to my cable modem via a D-Link 614+ wireless router, I think it may act as
>some form of firewall, although I cant be sure.
>Thanks in advance for any advice!!!
>Gary Whittle.

HI Gary,

Well,.. Ad Aware is a good start.

Spybot would be a good additional (free) spyware scanner.

I would not (yet) use Spy Sweeper,... give them some time to make less
agressive promotion & (smartly indirectly) stop pretending to be far
superior to ad aware & SpyBot,... = dishonest,... I cannot trust them
yet... tested it.. revieuw on
Perhaps a good tool,.. but imho way to agressive in it's promotion
what gives me the shivers...

But you can do more... like use Spybot's immunizer & Teatimer (inside
Spybot to monitor changes in your registry)

Spybot openly advises to use Spywareblaster to futher immunize your
system against internet (via IE) threats... so do I ;-) freeware &
regular definition updates

A2 & Swat-It are other known malware scanner,... good for an
occasional extra sweep...

Be Clean is the best (stable, potent & lightweight) daily system
cleaner that I found,.. crapcleaner is good as a second... many say to
do a good job,.. little do...

I have my favorite assumed to be honest security soft revieuwed on my

To protext your XP from sending stuff home to MS I advice XP Antispy

To check your system for wrong set-up's and needed upgrades I do
advices Microsoft's Baseline Security Analyzer. Fortunately it was not
written by MS itselves ;-)

For years now I use Bigfix to find necessary updates,.. a good
addition to MBSA

RegSeeker (free) is the only genue registry scanner that can somehow
compete with jv16 powertools (former RegCleaner) (payware)
The free version is still available on i
guess.. as I already said.. many claim to be (registry scanner),..
little do a good job. (Be Clean also checks the registry and does a
fairly hoenst job,.. but not as profound as RegSeeker)

and there is so much more that you can do when you assume to have
picked up a malware.

Don't forget to make a System Recovery Point befor installing new
soft,.. but that's not something I have to tell you I guess,...
Perhaps usefull if other people read this.

so take a peep:

good luck

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