Re: Data Miner question

From: CB (
Date: 06/18/04

Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 06:51:41 -0600

I just saw your post, and printed out you instructions and followed them
AdAware again showed one instance of Data Miner &I deleted it. I then
disabled Sys Restore, then d/l Spybot, updated it, and it found 6 problems
which I allowed it to fix (a couple of which I need to ask my 15 yo son
After that, I enabled Sys Restore, then rebooted my pc and came here.
I guess I'll run both Adaware & Spybot tonight after I finish using the pc &
my son gets off it.
Thank you. I hope this works!
I do have a Linksys DSL/cable firewall router (BEFSX41) I used when I had
DSL, but I'm now hooked up to high speed Internet through my cable service,
so I need to find out if it will work with this new service.

"The Prophecy" <> wrote in message
> CB wrote:
> > If this is the wrong ng, then I apologize & would request the right
> > one to post this question in.
> >
> > Everytime I run AdAware 6.0, I get the same warning, saying Data
> > Miner is installed on my pc. It is listed as VX2.BetterInternet and
> > in c:/system volume information/restore. I delete both entries of
> > Data Miner, but it reappears on the next AdAware scan.
> <snip>
> If you have read "johns" post, DO NOT FORMAT YOUR HARD DRIVE! That is an
> absolute last resort step, only to be used if EVERYTHING else has been
> to resolve the problem and has failed. First, disable System Restore. To
> this go here:
> Disable System Restore for Windows ME:
> Disable System Restore for Windows XP:
> After Disabling System Restore, update and do a full scan with Ad-Aware,
> plus you should also get Spybot S&D
> Spybot S&D:
> then update and do a full scan with it as well. If this fixes it, reply
> let me know.