Re: Laptop Security?

From: Rod & Jarie (
Date: 06/13/04

Date: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 15:49:51 -0700

  Two products that I support for security
PGP Desktop you can created PGP Disk that will protect your Documents
And PointSec for complete protection

"Paul Anderson" <> wrote in message
> I want to make sure that if my laptop is stolen no private data (credit
card, banking,
> private documents etc) can be viewed. I have read that the password
protection in Windows
> is next to useless.
> I have looked around for software to protect my personal details stored in
Windows. But I
> can only find software that will provide me with a separate drive or
folder that is secure
> to store documents within.
> Ideally I would like to prevent access to ANY files including the
operating system so all
> my data stored on the disk is secure. Is there any software out there that
can do this?
> Thanks, Paul.