Re: E-mail Monitoring

From: Beachcomber (
Date: 06/11/04

Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 01:21:32 GMT

>All browsing in labs is blocked or restricted to local domain.
>Gpedit setups to disallow ( lots of things ) .. locked down
> desktops and access to video settings. Locked out
>programs ... such as MS Paint, or Bargain Buddy.
>No tolerance of users just hanging around playing games.
>Users not allowed to load programs.
>Disk Image used to restore any user vandalism.
>No access to Hotmail, Yahoo, any dot.coms AT ALL !!!
>Printing controlled by HP 4250 server appliance !!!!!
>User security permissions restricted to only a few directories.
>IE controlled by dummy proxy ... and allow list only.
>Restricted rate of email output from any workstation.
>Email filtering with virus scan and blocking shitlist !!!!
>No vendor installed commercial trojans allowed ...
>ESPECIALLY no server based licensing ... dongles only.
>Have only keys to hub closets, and I WILL yank a cable!
>Working on yawn and blank stare when High School
>Billy demands his rights ......

Are you saying that the female students need "special protection"
against the naughty male hackers?

Are there any female hackers?

You sound like many a System Administrator who believes that the users
just exist to cause you grief and are there to do battle with, impose
the maximum restrictions on, and you want to control their behavior to
the fullest extent possible.

Perhaps in a school setting, all of your efforts are necessary, but I
was just wondering if you've got all your computers so you can't even
call up a dot-com address, how on earth do you have any computers that
will do any useful work? What good are they then?